Q.) Where can I buy Banshee Products?

A.) Product availability depends on location. Please refer to our dealer map for more information. If you are still unsure about your options, please contact us directly through our "Contact Us" page so we can assist you. Some softgoods, small parts, and service parts are available on our webstore for select locations (webstore coming soon).

Q.) What torque should I tighten the frame bolts to?

A.) Torque Values are stamped on most pivots/bolts. These are the torque values that should be used. For additional info please see below for model specific torques.


Main  Pivot Bolts (Above BB)  10Nm
All other linkage pivots
Rear Thru Axle
Rear Thru Axle Lock Nut  3Nm
Shock Bolt - Frame side (front)   12Nm
Shock Bolt - Swing Arm (rear) 12Nm
Derailleur Hanger Bolt


Main & Chainstay Pivot Bolts (Lower Link Pivots)  8Nm
Seattube and Seatstay Pivot Bolts (Upper Link Pivots)  5Nm
Dropout bolts
Rear Thru Axle
Rear Thru Axle Lock Nut  3Nm
Shock Bolt - Frame side (front)   10Nm
Shock Bolt - Swing Arm (rear) 12Nm

Q.) How do I know which flip chip setting is which?

A.) Please refer to the following image for a visual on which setting is Low/Slack and which setting is High/Steep

Q.) What is the correct assembly procedure for the new style 2017 dropouts?

A.) Please refer to the following video clip, diagram, and instructions showing the correct dropout assembly.

Assembly instructions for type 2 modular dropouts.

  1. Apply Loctite to the exterior threads of the hanger retainer bolt.
  2. Slot the derailleur hanger into the drive side dropout forging checking it is correctly aligned.
  3. Thread the hanger retainer bolt into the derailleur hanger and tighten to 10Nm.
  4. Select the geometry setting you desire and insert the flipchips into the frame interface.
  5. Line the forged dropouts up with the flipchip alignment chosen.
  6. Apply Loctite to the M8 dropout bolts and slide them through the flipchips and rear triangle and thread into the dropout forgings, but do not tighten.
  7. Once both dropouts are loosely in place mount the rear wheel in the dropout slots.
  8. Insert the rear axle from the non-driveside through the hub and thread into the driveside dropout assembly and tighten to torque. (min 15Nm for DT Swiss axle supplied with dropouts)
  9. Once axle is in place tighten all four M8 dropout bolts to 12Nm.
MY17 dropout explode